VCBM – For Submitters

Aims and Scope

EG VCBM (, the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, is an annual event addressing the state of the art in visual computing research with a strong focus on applications in biology and medicine. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for experts (researchers and practitioners) from visualization, visual analytics, computer graphics, image processing, computer vision, human computer interfaces as well as experts from biology and medicine, jointly working on next generation visual computing solutions for medicine, healthcare and the biotechnology sector. This year’s workshop (already the 10th VCBM since its foundation in 2008) will be held from September 28 to October 1, 2020, in Tübingen, Germany. EG VCBM 2020 will be held together with VMV (the International Symposium on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization), and DAGM GCPR (the German Conference on Pattern Recognition).

EG VCBM solicits the submission of original, application-oriented research papers that advance the fusion of visual computing methods within medicine and biology. All papers (regular papers as well as short papers) should focus on a well-defined biological/medical problem, and demonstrate a significant innovation or improvement in visual computing.

The deadline for full and short paper submission is June 10, 2020.
More information can be found under VCBM – Important Dates.

Suggested topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual computing solutions for medical applications like radiology, surgery, pathology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, etc., including medical education
  • Visual computing solutions for applications that support biomedical research in systems biology, *omics research, molecular pathology, neuroanatomy, biomedical imaging, etc.
  • Operation room of the future, including the uses of virtual reality and augmented reality in medical applications.
  • Visualization approaches for data from new or challenging imaging modalities including real-time imaging (e.g., ultrasound)
  • Visual computing solutions in the context of the virtual physiological human. Medical simulation and visual computing solutions that support new approaches in computational medicine.
  • Visual analytics solutions for data coming from epidemiological studies, like population studies.

In addition to that, we solicit:

  • Survey papers on visual computing in biology and medicine

Methods might include, but are not limited to:

  • Visualization and analysis of all kinds of biomedical data (signals and images)
  • Visualization, mining and analysis of biomedical data collections, including cohort data
  • Information visualization of medical data sets, e.g., electronic health records
  • Computer models of biomechanical, physiological, and biochemical functions in living systems
  • Fusion, analysis and visualization of heterogeneous and/or multi-source data
  • Multi-scale methods and data structures for large data
  • Interaction and design of visual computing workflows in medicine and biology
  • Data tracking and registration
  • Data reconstruction and geometry extraction
  • Real time rendering and interaction with anatomy models

Information for Authors

In addition to full-length papers, there will be again a short papers track and a survey track, encouraging scientific contributions from an even more diverse group of researchers and practitioners. All VCBM 2020 papers (full, short and surveys) will be peer-reviewed (authors can choose between single- or double-blind review by anonymizing their papers accordingly) and will appear in the Eurographics Digital Library.

We encourage the use of digital videos to support all submissions, particularly if part of, or all of the work covers interactive techniques. Please use only the most common video codecs such as MP4 to maximize the chances that the reviewers can view it.

Full Papers: We do not impose strict maximum lengths for submitted papers to the full papers track. However, it is unusual for papers to exceed 10 pages (in CGF latex style including all images and references). Papers should only be as long as their content would justify. Reviewers might rate a submission lower if it is perceived as being unnecessarily long or might recommend it for a short paper, instead. Authors are encouraged to use supplementary material, such as videos or executable programs to provide extra content.

Short Papers: Short papers describe a more focused and concise research contribution and are likely to have a smaller – yet significant – scope of contribution. Potential examples include the presentation of initial results from novel ongoing research projects or the exploration of new application areas. Short papers draw from the same list of topics as full papers. Their length is limited to a total of 5 pages (including references).

Surveys: We do not impose strict maximum lengths for submitted papers to the surveys track. However, it is unusual for surveys to exceed 20 pages (in CGF latex style including all images and references). Authors are encouraged to use supplementary material, such as videos, to provide extra content.

As in previous years, VCBM 2020 will also feature a poster program and an image contest, the details of which will be announced in a separate call.

Submission instructions

Papers can be submitted using the Eurographics SRM conference management system:

The LaTeX template for full/short papers, surveys, as well as posters can be found here.

All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC.